My very very first post 

Well hello guys! (I hope someone’s reading this)

I’ve decided to start a blog. A read Zoella’s book ‘Girl Online’ a couple of days ago and I loved how the main character, Penny, can always share her problems with her followers and they respond and also share their problems and experiences.

Penny made her blog anonymous, but I’m not gonna do that. I’ll tell guys who I am.

Well, I’m Mimmie (short for Maria), I’m 17 and I’m bulgarian although I don’t live there. (But I’m going this Sunday!)

I live in Belgium for about 5 years now. I live here with my mom and my step-dad, he’s belgian. I have a pretty normal life. I hang out with friends, help my mom at home and take care of my angel a.k.a my cat. He’s my everything.

Of course I have my up and downs but I’m lucky enough to have my friends on my side no matter what.

And what about you? Who are you? What do you enjoy? What do you hate? Have you ever moved to a different country or lost a friend?

I would love to hear that.